Meet seven of the best bitcoin-earning games

Meet seven of the best bitcoin-earning games

Recently, cryptocurrency was some incomprehensible exoticism for people. Most users didn't understand what it was. There were then several brave souls who, at their own risk, decided to get electronic money. Gradually, the circle of fans of virtual currency expanded. No one could have imagined that a real cryptocurrency boom would come so quickly. Crypto earning games for Android came into vogue.Millions of people have become infected with games on which everybody can get various types of virtual money. Especially popular games are NFT (non-fungible token), in which you can earn using a mobile phone. Users do this on the go. If Pubg or Call of Duty were popular before, now the best NFT developments have come to their place.Mobile services "play to make money" belong to different genres. RPGs (Role-Playing Games) and battle-based games are more common than others. Users are always waiting for the appearance of fresh developments to download to their Android mobile phones. Experts explain the popularity of NFT by the ability to monetize assets.Now we will acquaint you with the six best games for Android, where you can earn cryptocurrency.


This NFT is based on breeding kittens for later sale. First, small kittens need to be purchased. This is a condition for starting the game. Gradually, the number of kitties increases. Together with them, the value of the player's assets also rises. Cryptocoins are bought and sold in the NFT markets. The most common of them is 

Crop Bytes

It is not difficult to download it on Android or iOS, after which you can immediately start playing. You get tokens during the game. They are exchanged for cryptocurrency to raise the level or perform some kind of test. In this stimulator, you can play different roles:
  • farmer;
  • trader;
  • investor.
Crop Bytes The methods of earning depend on the chosen role.You can trade cryptocurrency on open markets. The value of assets directly depends mainly on two factors: supply and user activity.
Note: you can withdraw cryptocurrency only to the Tron e-wallet.

OX Universe

In this crypto earning game for Android you will find exciting space and intergalactic journeys. To explore the planets in the universe, you need to build a ship. The service offers a multi-level system for exploring new planets. To perform the tasks, the user needs to solve quests related to the extraction of resources. This exciting game can’t be played for free. You need to spend money on:
  • buying parts for a spacecraft;
  • launching a rocket;
  • the explored worlds.
OX UniverseThese investments need to be made so that later they bring income. You can profitably sell for cryptocurrency the spaceships you have created. To do this, you need to download the Arkane wallet.


The creators pleased with their development millions of football fans who are also not averse to earning bitcoins. It is available on any Android smartphone. The game has a huge number of colorful cards of football players of the most famous championships. The cards have four categories:
  1. Limited.
  2. Rare.
  3. Super rare.
  4. Unique.
The purchase of certain cards allows players to form a dream team capable of bringing victories.
The peculiarity of the cards is that their value is determined by the ability to perform useful actions on the field. Cards purchased on the site have the status of NFT, are bought and sold immediately or after some time. This circumstance makes the game dynamic and exciting.

Axie Infinity

Among the NFT cryptp earning games for Android, Axie Infinity occupies one of the leading places. The audience of two million is growing every year. At the heart of the entertainment is the battle of players for rewards. In the center of events are creatures who are specially trained to battle.  Both actors and awards are presented in the form of NFT. They are traded in secondary markets.Axie Infinity

Gods unchained

This is one of the favorite games that is based on strategy. It presents various kinds of trading cards. They are called rare, epic, legendary. Trading cards can be bought with your own token, which is called GODS. Cards are also available in the NFT markets.Gods unchained


The game is based on Ethereum. It is convenient for creating NFT. The project is used by most developers. This gives players ample opportunities.Ethereum is considered one of the most secure blockchain protocols today. Here, one or more players can create their own action. For this purpose, NFT tokens are used. The sandbox ecosystem includes three products:
  1. Voxedit. An easy-to-use yet powerful modeling package for creating 3D objects.
  2. Marketplace. It is a safe place where players can dispose of their assets.
  3. Game Maker. Asset owners can use them in conjunction with the creators of the game. In this mode, the user has the ability to place actions with their assets on a virtual plot of land.
SandboxThoughtful work of the developers on the project made it fascinating and spectacular. Players decorate their grounds with NFT items and try to make them the most beautiful.
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