Multiple approaches to earning free cryptocurrency

Multiple approaches to earning free cryptocurrency

Lia Jonon
Lia Jonon
Cryptocurrency refers to any form of currency in digital or virtual format, cryptography encryption is utilized to safeguard transactions in cryptocurrency. As many people already realized today, it is quite common to acquire free crypto through diverse channels, ranging from earning coins for the use of a certain browser to securely driving a car.

How does cryptocurrency function

Cryptocurrency units (or coins) are generated through the process of mining. This is the procedure that exploits a computational power of a machine to solve complex mathematical problems, thus resulting in the generation of coins. Individuals may also purchase currency from brokers and then store or spend it through crypto wallets.
No central authority exists to produce or regulate cryptocurrencies. A decentralized framework is employed to log transactions and issue new units.
Cryptocurrency is not tangible; rather, it represents a key that enables the transfer of a record or unit of measure from one party to another without a trusted third party.

Basics of mining

Mining is the act of introducing new blocks into the blockchain. Computers or specialized machines solve a sophisticated cryptographic problem, and the first one to provide the correct variant receives a reward in the form of cryptocurrency. Mining is essential to the continued existence of many cryptocurrencies. These include, in particular, bitcoin.
The miner's computer or machine is computing a so-called nonce. It refers to a unique code that may only be used once and is needed to inscribe the block into the blockchain. The code includes what seemingly appears to be a random set of letters and digits,
Blockchain is a sequential set of blocks that stores data on all transactions within a specific cryptocurrency network. It can be imagined as a data center with a bunch of numbers and letters. Every single block in the blockchain carries specific data regarding the transaction, which is encrypted in a unique way. The concept of a blockchain consists of the fact that it allows retrieval of data on any transaction for the entire period of existence of a digital asset.
Moreover, such information remains public and everyone is free to inspect it. Simultaneously, the blockchain is regarded as extremely trustworthy and tamper-resistant. A replica of the blockchain is retained by all network participants, therefore modifying one of the blocks on just one device will make no difference while 51% of the participants have a different kind of information. The decentralization of cryptocurrency is thereby ensured since each member of the network holds a duplicate of the blockchain.As mentioned above, mining is critical to keep the entire cryptocurrency system up and running.  The process is of significant value specifically to the miners.
The owner of the apparatus that was the first to figure out the valid nonce is rewarded with a cryptocurrency amount for finding the correct solution to a cryptographic problem.

Getting free cryptocurrency without mining

Nowadays there is an increasing demand for crypto currency free. It is possible to get it without resorting to mining. It is realistic to earn free coins, even bitcoin. Although, it will require some modest alterations of one's purchasing patterns and general attitude towards online activities. Newbies usually hesitate to put their money into cryptocurrency investments simply due to its volatility.
This is precisely why free giveaways are an optimal scenario for beginners, with no investment whatsoever. Also in case you are lacking specialized hardware or are unwilling to acquire it, a way out is for you to get free crypto currency. Assets obtained through this approach might serve as the first milestone on the journey to becoming a full-fledged crypto investor.
Earn free crypto: there are many methods of obtaining it, some very risky, some less risky. Then there are free methods, and there are some with minimal investments. The choice depends on your desires and demands.

Obtain cryptocurrency bonuses for signing up

Some exchangers are handing out bonuses for signing up, a new customer may get about $10 in the equivalent of some free digital coins to their personal account. However, in most cases, it is impossible to simply take them out; it is only acceptable for trading. Obtained as a result of trading funds can be withdrawn, making it all the same pleasant encouragement.
There are various approaches that cryptocurrency exchanges adopt in order to acquire new clients. Staying afloat becomes one of the main challenges for any project. This can be accomplished in multiple methods: through partnership programs, special promotions, and contests, as well as bonuses for registration. Some platforms really do offer just to sign up and get free crypto, so that the potential client would notice them and join in.

Watch videos on Coinbase

At Coinbase it is possible to explore cryptocurrencies & receive free crypto coins for successfully passing the test. Keep in mind that they only pay free coins you have studied, most often a young currency that is only beginning its development, but nevertheless, perhaps one day in the future it will be worth thousands of dollars and you will thank yourself for spending 30 minutes of your time on watching a short and easy online training course. More importantly, these materials are free and are updated with noticeable frequency.

Applying for a BlockFi credit card

BlockFi is a digital currency platform that manages crypto accounts and allows users to store cryptocurrency, earn interest and use it more efficiently.
BlockFi has introduced the industry's 1st Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card. It's now accessible to eligible U.S. residents as of spring 2021. BlockFi teamed up with Visa, credit card issuer Deserve, and Evolve Bank to create what's known as a rewards credit card.
Once approved, the customer receives a credit line in US dollars. Since then, the user will receive an immediate cashback of 1.5% in bitcoins for each transaction. BlockFi has other deals to assist the individual to manage and make free crypto as well.
BlockFi credit card
BlockFi credit card
When launching a rewards card, particularly in the business industry where cashback and extra rewards points are critical, the company made sure to consider how attractive its terms would be.BlockFi's innovative bitcoin credit card has a great deal to offer:
  • A $250 bitcoin equivalent sign-up bonus for spending $3,000 during the first three months;
  • Instant cashback of 1.5% in bitcoins for each operation;
  • Users may utilize the credit card, anyplace Visa is accepted;
  • The company provides additional bonuses, extra rewards, and multiple forms of cashback for its users;
  • Whenever consumers encounter an issue, BlockFi makes quick and practical steps to resolve it, providing a multitude of ways to aid all users;
  • It features a cell phone app;
  • It complies with U.S. regulations and is regulated by the NYDFS.
Although plenty of Bitcoin rewards cards are out there, it's BlockFi that definitely provides some of the most lucrative terms for coin holders, including free crypto rewards.

Receive free shares and exchange them for cryptocurrency

Do not be surprised if the answer to the question of how to earn free cryptocurrency is to try to get free shares and exchange them for cryptocurrency, as it is true that certain investment programs and companies hand out shares for free.To obtain the stocks though the user will be required to either deposit a certain amount into their account on the platform or ask a friend to come along and obtain bonus stocks for doing so. By taking advantage of a few of these offerings, you might end up with a good amount of money.
Then, you can trade those shares and purchase bitcoins by exchanging them at a cryptocurrency exchange. In this way, you get free cryptocurrency.
However, one thing to remember, if you decided to obtain a certain bonus in form of shares, you have to hurry up, since different platforms frequently alter their proposals, reduce the bonus, change conditions or remove free crypto giveaways altogether.

Get a free Pi Network crypto

If you ever wondered how to earn free crypto currency, you might have considered buying an inexpensive, only emerging currency, which later might be worth a lot of cash. These days it is quite feasible to do and you won't even have to spend your hard-earned money since the developers of a brand new cryptocurrency Pi Network have designed an application, that enables you to get new cryptocurrency for free.
Pi Network stands for a promising young cryptocurrency, which is supposed to solve a multitude of complex problems. The founders of the Pi Network are presenting their crypto blockchain as a kind of people's bitcoin that will allow for quick and affordable transactions of any kind without the involvement of 3rd parties, as well as the decentralization of legal and other services.
Pi strives to empower common people from all walks of life to contribute to the integrity of cryptocurrency and the ongoing success of its community.
Get a free Pi Network crypto
Get a free Pi Network crypto
Currently, it is quite challenging to calculate the value of the coin, because it is in a test mode, but according to the company's experts, it may be worth between $1 and $10. In order to acquire Pi crypto currency free, it is essential to obtain a dedicated application on your smartphone. It can be downloaded via a link for Android and iOS-based products, as well as it may be easily searched in the Play Market and App Store by requesting "Pi Network".
Upon installation of the software, it is required to undergo a brief registration, with the only recommendation to specify a valid name in the sign-up sheet, as when the coin becomes valued, it will probably be necessary to authenticate the person’s account. The Invitation code field is where you need to specify the invitee's name, it is impossible to register without the code. Once registered, the main menu of the app emerges, with a special key, which you have to click once a day to confirm the activity and get free digital coins.

Get rewards in free cryptocurrency for safe driving

The evolution of the cryptocurrency industry has advanced to the point where even cars are now aiding consumers to get free crypto coins. For instance, with the assistance of some apps for Apple and Android smartphones, drivers earn point credits for driving undistracted, redeemable for cryptocurrency. The specialized currency is designed for drivers and is mined exclusively by drivers who demonstrate automatically through the app that they do not get any distractions when driving.
Another piece of interesting information is that someone was able to mine crypto assets with the aid of an electric car. That's what it means to use all the capabilities of the vehicle, it is not only better for the environment, but it also helps to collect free crypto.

Earn $100 worth of SocialGood cryptocurrency through the Miles app

The Miles App is an example of crypto apps that give free crypto and reward you for simply driving, biking, or using a public transit system. Miles features a promotional rewards program for traveling enthusiasts or those who generally stay on the move a lot. An essential prerequisite for the app's effectiveness is that Miles has to accompany the owner throughout the entire journey. Bonus miles can then be exchanged for discounts from a wide selection of recognized global brands.
Miles app
Miles app
The program also provides an opportunity to get free cryptocurrency tokens. Individuals who sign up for the Miles program after receiving a reference offer from a friend will be able to earn $100 worth of SocialGood (SG) cryptocurrency.

Enjoy reading articles on Publish0X

Where to get free crypto coins? For instance, one might get tokens for publishing and reading articles. Publish0x is a platform for blogging where authors can publish their articles & then distribute them among the members of the community. Through writing content, users have the option to gather tips, that will be paid out in cryptocurrencies.
The publishing platform permits both the contributor and the reader to gain Basic Attention Tokens as well as Multi-collateral DAI and Loopring. The principle of earning is pretty straightforward. If the platform admits the author, he or she may publish the articles. Such content may be viewed by the participants and the author receives a reward in the form of a tip, i.e., earn free crypto coins.
This amount may be determined voluntarily. You are free to set it between 20% for the author and 80% for readers or 100% for the author and 0% for readers. Tips may be paid out six times a day, but the time gap between payments must be at least 10 minutes.
This unusual way of earning cryptocurrency will allow you to get free daily crypto. For a beginning article writer or reading enthusiast, this is a very big plus, among other things.

Utilize Presearch as a search engine

A novice crypto-investor may be interested in the question of how to earn cryptocurrency online free. To solve this mystery, you can turn to the PreSearch searching tool. It will not only give a thorough explanation to your query, but it might also let you earn free coin token.Some people even claimed that Presearch search could become the substitution of Google for Android devices. PreSearch provides an alternative that focuses on a high degree of personal confidentiality. In doing so, the creators have introduced their own PRE token.
How to earn cryptocurrency online free
How to earn cryptocurrency online free
Conventional search engines profit from ads, and Presearch seeks to transform that by allowing its members to benefit from the experience themselves. Just imagine, you just surf the web, watch videos or read the news as usual, and in the proways to earncess earn free crypto money. Anyone willing to check out the ads will be remunerated in PRE tokens. Recently, the total market capitalization of the project has climbed from $17 million to $32 million.
Use Presearch every day to acquire tokens. This tool can be set as "Default " or added to "Bookmarks" for faster access. Additionally, you can use the PreSearch search engine extension, allowing you to get free crypto instantly as well. It's even easier to use, you just need to download and install it from the official website on any browser you currently favor and start generating additional income. A user may earn free crypto daily. Up to 2.4 PRE tokens can be received per day, based on the limit of 30 searches that are paid for.

Launch Brave Browser

As stated previously, one of the ways to earn free crypto is to web-surf the Internet. So the following browser keeps up with similar offerings.The Brave browser is powered by Chromium, just like a bunch of other browsers. It has support for extensions identical to the Chrome browser and is easily accessible on Windows and Mac. Brave gathers and retains absolutely no personal information and browsing data, thus maintaining your privacy.
Online privacy
Online privacy
Once installed, you are free to earn crypto. Being a Brave consumer, you can collect revenue in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token) merely by electing to play ads. BAT represents the authentic Brave digital token that a member decides to earn by selecting to view ads while maintaining confidentiality.
It is completely non-binding, with ads presented to users in the form of push alerts as opposed to on-page notifications. The BAT tokens generated in this manner are held in the browser's built-in wallet and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Download Lolli extension

Lolli stands for one of the free crypto sites that provide rewards in bitcoins, as well as a browser extension that enables users to earn free cryptocurrency online by shopping at the project team's vendor partners.
The creators figured it might be a smart move to familiarize the public with virtual currencies when purchasing on the Internet. Utilizing the product is easy. Merely download the add-on and initiate a shopping spree at one of Lolli's partner retailers to claim your free digital currency back as a cashback.
Lolli extension
Lolli extension
Lolli has paired up with over 1000 vendors to empower customers to gain bitcoin rewards when they do their online shopping, even major brands such as Microsoft and Macy's. Simply install the Lolli extension for your computer browser, then access the affiliate store via the Web or browser extension to see what it has to propose. As soon as Lolli is enabled, don't hesitate to shop as usual. While your order meets the requirements of the platform, Lolli will monitor your purchase and send bitcoins to the Lolli eWallet.

Join referral programs for cryptocurrency

How to get free crypto coins if you have many friends? A referral program will suit you, it involves the invitation of new members to the exchange or service for a fee. Bring a new user, you receive a payment to the account balance of the exchange service or straight to your bank account. An invitation is carried out by whatever methods, all you have to do is to forward your affiliate link to the interested person. It could be your friends, colleagues, your readers, viewers (if you maintain your own weblog), and so on.
New members will have to trade popular cryptocurrencies so that you can keep earning free crypto. The company pays you % of its earnings on commissions as a reward. Nearly all virtual currency exchanges include referral programs. Members obtain benefits for recruiting new clients via a unique referral link. A higher amount of hits on the link increases the number of discounts, bonuses, and tokens for you.
More referrals, in other words, new customers, the higher the chance of attracting professional traders with potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of USD. This will guarantee good earnings for months or even years. However, even if you won't be able to find a millionaire friend, a Referral Bonus is a delightful surprise in the form of crypto-free money.

Earning interest in your own cryptocurrency

First of all, before finding out how to earn real crypto by applying percentages to your existing cryptocurrency, you need to consider what APY is. This is an annual percentage yield on existing savings, plus compound interest, which accumulates or increases along with the balance. Compound interest comprises the interest gained from the initial deposit added to the interest generated by that interest.
While APY is normally synonymous with traditional money savings, it is a major benchmark for cryptocurrency savings schemes, where it functions in an analogous manner. Cryptocurrency investors may gain APY on cryptocurrencies using stacking. This approach wouldn't enable you to earn crypto instantly, but it's less dangerous.
APY denominated in cryptocurrency free can be quickly obtained via decentralized crypto exchanges, crypto wallets that give free coins, and DeFi. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) utilizes the decentralized approach to blockchain and employs it in the realm of real-world finance. Normally, investors would receive a percentage of the exact same crypto assets that were deposited. Nevertheless, occasionally the payouts may be carried out in the same or alternative currencies.It is possible to distinguish significant advantages of crypto-deposits, thanks to which users can make free cryptocurrency:
  • A greater interest rates than in conventional bank deposits;
  • The ability to withdraw funds promptly without losing interest. The duration of the deposits may be freely picked from a couple of days to several months;
  • A significantly broader list of assets for investment.
Depositing your own assets is perhaps the best way to earn free cryptocurrency. Since it is safe and the danger of fraud is reduced to zero.

Stake your own Cryptocurrency

Previously this mode of making a profit has been mentioned, but now let's discuss in more detail how to make free crypto by staking. Staking is essentially the process of maintaining assets in a digital wallet to ensure that all transactions in the blockchain are backed up, while the token holder is rewarded. Essentially, staking consists of locking a specified amount of virtual currency in place so that bounties can be earned. Stacking currencies can be conducted through exchanges, hardware wallets ("cold-stacking"), or stablecoins. This is a far simpler and less costly route to get free digital currency than mining.
To establish a passive source of income as well as to earn free crypto tokens, the individual has no reason to install and configure expensive hardware or estimate the electric power costs. Simply maintaining a virtual digital asset in one's personal account is enough. Staking returns vary widely across various cryptocurrencies as well as the length of time the cryptocurrency is held.
Making a profit on stablecoins, for instance, is extremely reminiscent of a conventional banking deposit, only with much higher yields. Earnings on staking in this case vary between 3% and 10% per annum. On occasion, the percentage may be even greater.
This kind of option will not enable you, unfortunately, to earn free crypto instantly, though at least your crypto money will not be idle unless you were planning to use it in the near future. Once you have chosen a proper and trustworthy currency and exchange, nothing bad is going to happen to it and while staying safe its total amount will only grow thanks to crypto wallet-free coins you get from staking.

Play free mobile games to earn cryptocurrency

How to earn crypto for free while playing the game? The solution to this issue lies in the shape of crypto games, which are steadily growing in their popularity. There is nothing unexpected in this fact because, in blockchain-based crypto games, the users can make a living just by playing the game. It is easy for a gamer to acquire tokens for fulfilling missions and staying in the game, which could then be converted into regular money or invested. It turns out that players simply earn free crypto rewards while having fun. Below is a list of some exciting games that allow you to win free crypto.

Coin Hunt

Play Coin Hunt to collect free cryptocurrency as you investigate the wide-open areas around the character. Locate clues and reveal bounties whenever you go out and explore real places. In that regard, it reminds us of a popular mobile adventure Pokemon Go.
Coin Hunt
Coin Hunt
Occasionally, when you discover storage and hidden lockers, you will receive pieces of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To take them out you have to create an account in a crypto wallet assigned by the developer. In general, it is a joyful little game where the player runs around as a blue cube on a city map. In order to gain free crypto, you need to answer trivia questions from time to time.


Gather Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Ripple, and Neo coins together to explode them. The higher the number of coins you manage to accumulate together, the better your total score will be. The game credits its members PopCoins as well as Eth for the game. The longer you play, the greater the amount you get. To earn free crypto online as well as to withdraw it, you have to get a Coinbase wallet to get Etherium, and for PopCoin you will need an ERC-20 wallet


In this word quest game, participants can increase their vocabulary and add new entries to the dictionary as they come across new terms so that they can remember them better. Prior to joining & receiving free crypto, tap on the Wallet button on the home screen to sign in and provide your Coinbase address.
The devs are allowed to earn crypto for signing up and send the satoshi to the wallet when they register. The longer you play the higher amount of satoshi you get. Score at least 145 points to receive 1 satoshi.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a competitive token-based game, renowned for its internal economics, that utilizes Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. Axie Infinity gamers harvest and coin NFTs, which are represented as digital pets inspired by axolotls known as Axies. Those critters may be farmed and they may compete against each other in the game.How to get free digital currency in this game? You will be given Smooth Love Potions ($SLP) tokens for victories in battles and for completing quests.
At Axie Infinity, players are given daily quests (10 games in Adventure Mode and 5 games in Arena Mode) upon completion of which they receive $50 worth of SLP or $10.


Splinterlands is a fantasy card-style cooperative game where everyone gathers a squad for combat in a brief period of time, allowing you to get free cryptocurrency coins. Prior to playing it is absolutely essential to sign up and connect all sorts of e-wallets for convenient interaction. For the full experience, you will need to purchase a book Summoner's spellbook, which enables a gateway to the earnings in the game directly. It is only $10, which will pay for itself for a week in order for you to get free crypto now. The book can be acquired both for fiat and digital coins.
At the very beginning of the game, the starter set of cards is available, but a gamer may not trade or exchange them, although they may be used in combat. Three token classes are offered – Credits, DEC, and SPS:
  • Donation coins are used to acquire goods in the market;
  • DEC (dark energy crystals). The highest-valued token in the game. It is applied in the same way as the first coin but is withdrawn from the game. If you win battles you can win free crypto coins;
  • Control token, issued to all asset owners in the Splinterlands ecosystem.
Thanks to the blockchain structure of the game, gamers were able to use not just cards, but full-fledged NFTs. Another way to get free cryptocurrency in the game is to obtain interest not only from the battles won but also from steaking. Thus, a passive income is organized for all players in the project.


How to earn crypto for free if you like creating virtual worlds, similar to Minecraft? Play Decentraland, a non-centralized virtual reality platform that comprises approximately 90,000 land parcels. The browser game is a meta-universe where members can generate, utilize and monetize information. Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts consider it one of the best sites to earn free cryptocurrency.
The virtual sandbox is an open-world, functional blockchain-based meta-universe running on Ethereum. Members may purchase, cultivate, explore, manage, and monetize virtual pieces of property and land. Decentraland sites may be used for the erection of a range of facilities and constructions. The land then could be monetized or sold. Two unique types of digital assets are introduced:
  • LAND, defined areas of the virtual land;
  • MANA, an ERC-20 token that gets redeemed for applying for LAND ownership and for shopping merchandise and services throughout the digital universe.
The cornerstone of the meta-universe is the opportunity to obtain virtual land in the format of NFT tokens LAND, then develop it as a digital business or merely enjoy it for communication and entertainment purposes.
The Decentraland universe is only accessible through a browser. To start playing and get free tokens, you need to go to the official page and link your digital wallet. Alternatively, exploring the meta world is possible in trial mode without a wallet.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is the first MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game on the blockchain, like Dota. The game comes in mobile and PC versions. They operate via a single user account and are in sync with each other. The game features 3 coins, all of which unlock methods to get free cryptocurrency:
  • pink – to improve your protagonist's abilities;
  • yellow – THC (TheTan Coin) coins. All of the game's income is generated from these, and they are also useful for acquiring a different hero;
  • green – THG (TheTan Gem) tokens. Have the same purpose as the pink tokens.
You are likely impatient to ask where can I get free cryptocurrency in the game. Well, for each battle, the player picks a protagonist. These guys have distinct skills and powers that users are able to apply in order to win. To earn free crypto fast, it is mandatory to play as specialized characters, that can only be purchased.
Thetan Arena
Thetan Arena
The main source of making money is receiving TNC tokens. The minimal threshold for withdrawal is 750 coins. They can be obtained through:
  • level improvement – from 10 to 80 TNC tokens;
  • referral link – for any introduced participant you receive 3 TNS tokens;
  • victory rewards in the game – you are granted a variable quantity of coins, depending on the rarity of the character.
The game's website introduces various versions for multiple platforms, as well as game rules that explain all the intricacies of how to earn free coins.

DeFi Kingdom

Another game to get free crypto now is a gamified play-to-earn decentralized Harmony One blockchain application called Defi Kingdoms. It is both a game and a decentralized exchange in one package. The exchange provides some typical features, and the gameplay gives off a nostalgic pixel-art fantasy vibe.The game appears to be one of the first GameFi on this blockchain, and it has gained popularity rather quickly. The main token in the game is JEWEL. Free token earn is enjoyable, especially if you obtain coins while playing a game with lovely graphics and relaxing music.
DeFi Kingdom
DeFi Kingdom
How do I get free crypto playing Defi Kingdoms? Making money is based on 3 main techniques:
  1. Making a profit off of Characters. Each hero possesses a specific class and predisposition to a certain profession. By setting off on a quest according to the occupation, the player acquires diverse items, all of which may be traded on the game's marketplace or otherwise utilized by the player him/herself. Additionally, since characters are NFT, they can be either traded or rented out, thereby receiving free virtual currency JEWEL.;
  2. Jewel Bank. This is a type of passive income on Defi Kingdoms by JEWEL token steaking. You put a JEWEL token in the bank and receive an xJEWEL token;
  3. Gardens. This is the 2nd passive income type in the Defi Kingdoms through the creation of liquidity. It is done through Gardens, in which you pick the desired pairs of tokens, let's say JEWEL/ONE, insert it in the Seed Box, and obtain an LP token, which can be staked here. After that, you'll get cryptocurrency-free money for performing in-game token swaps.

Gala Games

Gala Games is one of the fairly popular crypto earn sites. The booming gaming platform aims to launch truly qualitative and distinctive games, rather than just another reworked replica, which the industry is already overcrowded with. It was initiated in 2020 and is currently one of the leading players in the Play-to-Earn games niche. The platform's core emphasis is based on creating titles on the blockchain that you'll genuinely desire to play.
Gala Games
Gala Games
When you are looking for where to get free crypto coins, you surely turn your gaze to vibrant and well-designed games. Town Star is just such a game that catches your eye. It is a city building multiplayer in which you are the landlord of your own city that fully depends on you regarding its welfare and prosperity. The game is on Gala Games crypto earning website in public access, which enables you to start enjoying the game and earn free crypto right now.
Another exciting game that allows you to win free cryptocurrency is Spider Tanks. Prospective multiplayer online, made in the genre of PvP Brawler, where players have to conduct fights against each other in a special arena on their spider tanks. The tanks stored in a personal garage can be subject to upgrades with different weapons, and the battles performed on a set of maps. The multiplayer also includes a store where you are able to purchase more high-powered weapons, tanks, and skins for them. By entering the contests, you will earn Gala Games cryptocurrency.
Spider Tanks
Spider Tanks
Such games are considered the best way to get free cryptocurrency, since they are unique and do not resemble any other digital coin game, as Gala Games looks after its potential customers, creating something unprecedented, which not only helps to have a good break after a long day but also earn extra income in the form of free coins. That's why the platform is considered one of the best sites to earn crypto.

Be part of the SparkPoint ecosystem

If you are a software developer and do not know how to get free crypto currency to create your custom applications SparkPoint project will give you the answer. This is an ecosystem that enables you to produce applications for various uses. It is where you run the development of games, and applications for specified uses. The free crypto network remunerates users for the utilization of its platforms and represents a decentralized solution that manages a part of the market with a high level of liquidity in its transactions.
The whole framework includes a few modules; the two most fascinating ones are the modules that allow you to earn free cryptocurrency. SparkEarn is a referral and rewards scheme by SparkPoint where customers get to earn SRK tokens and miscellaneous tokens from contributors by executing straightforward tasks. Therefore, SparkPlay provides a comprehensive collection of portable casual titles and crypto apps that give free coins.
Crypto Slicer, Crypto Burst, and Crypto Shooter are among the currently available free games that give their players the opportunity to find free crypto. By leveraging blockchain-based technology, gamers gain the ability to genuinely possess in-game pieces and earn free cryptocurrency rewards.
Currently, SparkPoint stands as one of the sites to earn free crypto, but keep in mind that it is still under development and not all features are currently in place. However, it might be a good indication that it is high time to connect to this ecosystem and start to earn free digital currency while most users are waiting for the full launch of the platform.

Participate in airdrops

By now everyone is aware that airdrop is a great opportunity to get free new cryptocurrency that could skyrocket later and be worth tens of thousands of dollars. And for those who still lack information, the term "AirDrop" is applied when a blockchain project or a platform is distributing currencies to its would-be investors or customers. This is thought to be nothing more than a marketing ploy by just another crypto platform to attract the attention of future clients.
Thus, airdrop becomes a very profitable event where any free cryptocurrency can be handed out to you because these projects hold free cryptocurrency giveaways directly to users' e-wallets.
However, to take part in the handout scheme and earn cryptocurrency online for free, a client or potential investor must meet certain conditions, for instance:
  • undergo verification;
  • subscription to the project's newsletter;
  • sign up for the company's social networking accounts.
To engage in airdrop and get free crypto for signing up for the project, you need to meet a number of mandatory prerequisites:
  • Own a cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Look for an adequate platform aggregator or social networking community, which will make the next AirDrop token distribution announcement;
  • Comply with the rules of the project, which will carry out the distribution of tokens;

Receive rewards for your initial coin offering (ICO)

An initial Coin Offering refers to an initial cryptocurrency placement by a startup to attract funding. Nearly identical to an initial public offering (IPO) by a corporate, except with an exchange of virtual currencies. Initially placed coins are called altcoins. During an ICO, investors can get free altcoins, given out to draw focus to the new coin. The process involves a startup or business looking to draw in extra cash via an ICO.There are a handful of possible techniques to do this:
  • To place the tokens and convince investors that the price will go up due to the popularity of the project
  • To stipulate in the smart contract for the coins, that the purchasers get a stake in the upcoming company, and to make a guarantee to investors that it will increase in value.
  • To sell coins to partners for a modest cost with a guarantee to buy them back at a later date, therefore repaying the investor.
The most common scenario for investors is to either invest in high-potential tokens in order to subsequently trade them in or elect tokens in exchange for a cut of the company's equity.
The reasons for investing in it: one can support a promising startup, one can quickly earn free altcoins, and one can become an investor in a future large company. The main disadvantage of the approach is the higher risk of getting trapped by scammers. People would invest in projects that didn't have a viable product, even though they had already obtained funding for the initiation and marketing of the project. So, before getting free cryptocurrency coins, you need to carefully study the startup and only then enter the project.

Explore Crypto Faucets

Crypto Faucets are such free crypto earning sites or mobile apps, in which people have to execute plain and easy challenges or sometimes even play trivial games in order to earn free crypto 2023. There will be some petty assignments or jobs given to a user to complete, such as gaming, viewing videos or commercials, or perhaps even completing quizzes. It doesn't matter where you are; you can easily think of a game and earn cryptocurrency.

Make bitcoins on your phone

So, higher earnings of the free crypto coin are feasible if you possess hardware with high-performance processors. Although, through Android, it is possible to earn cryptocurrency. But for the most part, it is not profitable, since smartphones are typically characterized by low processing power. Furthermore, most owners of smartphones quickly give up on such an idea of earning free crypto when they learn that the process requires keeping the screen on.However, many people do not abandon the concept of income, reorienting to mining and earn crypto by:
  • Using special software applications or games;
  • Using faucets;
  • On exchanges.
The key point to remember before starting is to create an e-wallet. Otherwise, there will be nowhere to transfer the earned funds. It is more efficient to use specialized applications for earning in faucets, but there are crypto games as well, including the ones we mentioned earlier. Still, the best way to earn crypto for free on a cell phone is to use exchanges.
Often users ask “how can I get free cryptocurrency on exchanges?”. Making money on exchanges might yield quite good profits, assuming that you possess outstanding capabilities in analytics and the expertise required. The essence of the matter is that you need to continuously keep an eye on the fluctuations of the rate of the cryptocurrency in comparison to other currencies. At certain moments, the cryptocurrency is acquired. The income is achieved due to the difference in the rate.
Coincidentally, one does not necessarily have to sit for hours in front of the display, moving from one exchange to another, tracking the fluctuations of the rate. It is enough to install special applications or make use of sites to earn free cryptocurrency on its fluctuations.

Training online at CoinMarketCap

How to get free crypto currency securely and for your own benefit? CoinMarketCap, one of the largest statistical platforms for every coin and token in circulation, is now giving users payments for learning cryptocurrency through CoinMarketCap Earn.
CoinMarketCap Earn is a learning platform that promotes education by making payments to users for studying cryptocurrencies. And it doesn't just educate, it pays you for that education.
To get started you need to make free crypto coins sign up on the official page of the platform and you can begin. There are all kinds of cryptocurrency projects which contact the popular platform to talk about their coins/tokens for a specified period and give users who take this "mini-course" money. After you complete the training class, you are expected to take a quiz. As soon as you pass the test/quiz you only have to expect the result and the subsequent remuneration to your purse.


LunarCrush provides a platform where you can keep track of all sorts of crypto tokens, bloggers, and news in the digital world. For being active on the website you will make cryptocurrency free as a part of a daily reward in their LUNR tokens. On the platform, you will earn points, which are transformed into LUNR tokens once a day.
The 1st time you receive 4 tasks that you can find on top of the page: link your Twitter account, add coins for tracking and repost to social networks. You will also be given 30 points for the initial login and creation of an account. There are all the details on the platform's website, which will tell you how to get free cryptocurrency.

Use your BitPay card to get cashback

BitPay is the biggest Bitcoin provider of payment services. It enables businesses, and merchants to accept BTC as their payment, while charging them a low fee for transaction handling and converting it into Fiat, as opposed to most other companies.
Today, BitPay card holders are able to earn crypto now and receive rewards as cashback when they pay with their cards at thousands of retail stores. Cashback is accrued directly in the BitPay app.

Engage in DeFi lending

DeFi-lenders are services that propose loans against collateral with no middlemen involved. Smart contracts – automated and self-executing algorithms that spell out all the terms of the deal, including amounts, terms, and interest rates – are used instead of banks and brokers in DeFi-lending.Since blockchain lending cuts out intermediaries, the transaction is easier and the loan becomes cheaper. At the same time, the omission of a 3rd party entails substantial risks for both the lender and the borrower.
Crypto-lending markets now offer so-called instant loans: they imply the lack of collateral and the receipt-payment of the loan within a single block (in Ethereum it takes 13 seconds). The amounts of such loans can be substantial. Instant loans can be used by big traders

Platforms giving away free cryptocurrency

How to get free digital currency elsewhere? Есть еще некоторые площадки предлагающие пути получения free crypto.

Freecash is one of those free crypto websites where members get remuneration for performing simple jobs and quests online.
There is no limit to the number of offers, and the strategies allow you to earn credits as fast as possible.


eToro is a multi-asset exchange platform providing equity and cryptocurrency investing as well as CFD trading capabilities. It offers both beginner and professional investors a sophisticated crypto-trading service available through a user-friendly trading platform, including stacking.


PennyWorks provides a digital asset lending service platform through which savvy entrepreneurs can earn more, with no cryptocurrency background involved.
The creators of the platform developed a solution that delivers low-risk daily returns through the use of Decentralized Funding (DeFi) lending platforms.


There are many ways to earn free cryptocurrency. For the crypto-enthusiast, the key is to select the one which will suit the best and will be affordable. Cryptocurrency-earning websites or apps usually do not require a big investment and won't take too much time, but you need to choose the right risk-free venture to be profitable.
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