The best ways and platforms for earning cryptocurrency

The best ways and platforms for earning cryptocurrency

Lia Jonon
Lia Jonon
Earning on cryptocurrency operations has acquired a wide scope. Fabulous rates of the main digital currencies of recent years have brought millions of new participants to this area. They are concerned about where and how to make money with coins. The more fans become involved in cryptocurrency, the more opportunities they get to earn it. Let's get acquainted with the most popular.

 1. Mining

This method is the most efficient of all. Huge farms are created for mining. A large number of powerful devices are concentrated on them. In this way, the user earns on the processing of transactions and the creation of new blocks for blockchains.Mining
Mining has been and remains a profitable platform. It shows the statistics of two best money making cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2022. It is noteworthy that in January the second service in terms of revenue was ahead of the first. Ethereum earned $1.47 billion, and Bitcoin - $1.21 billion.
Unfortunately, it is not easy for beginners to start a business on mining. The equipment is too expensive. Even a few ASIQs can't make a lot of money. But there is a way out. You can join pools and receive guaranteed interest. You can choose from these ones:, Slush Pool, Genesis Mining, ViaBTC, Binance Pool, Butfury.

2. Valve

The service allows users to earn money for free without efforts. In addition, the tasks check your level of knowledge and contribute to the expansion of mental horizons. The users can:
  • perform interesting quizzes;
  • fill out questionnaires;
  • complete captchas.
The best money making cryptocurrencies are: FaucetCrypto, FreeBitcoin, SatoshiQuizz, Bitcoinker, Lucky Block.
Faucets are available in the most popular services, such as Bitcoin, Cardano, Etherium. The method can’t be called very profitable. You will have to wait six months, a year, to see a decent amount.BitcoinkerTo make money on the tap, you need a wallet.

3. Games

Cryptocurrency games are another way of entertainment that can increase your budget. Billions of dollars are poured into this area. The popularity of the service is explained by the huge amounts of money that are spinning there. In 2022, the cost of games is estimated at $90 billion. According to forecasts for 2025, this amount may triple.
One of the most popular games over the years of existence Axie Infinity managed to earn more than $4 billion in sales. In addition to it, the following games are in demand: Undead, Town Stars, the Sandbox, Ember Sword, Gods Unchained, Age of Rust.
In games, you can buy a plot of land, and then sell it profitably. You can purchase unique tokens. For their sale, NFT markets are used: OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, LooksRare, Magic Eden.

4. Hodling

This is a common method of earning in crypto. Its essence lies in the fact that the investor buys the best cryptocurrencies to make money and expects an increase in value. When choosing coins, you need to pay attention to the stability and volatility of assets.HodlingYou can buy any coins if you are sure that they will increase in value. But at the beginning of the way, you should not invest in expensive assets. Many altcoins can be purchased at a low price and sold at a higher price.

5. Day trading

In terms of trading and investing, people are used to putting the same meaning. Actually they're a little different. Investors can make minor changes to their assets. Traders count on instant income. They acquire assets and sell them on the same day.
It should be noted that this work requires intuition, certain knowledge and technology. There are many methods. Their development helps the trader to analyze transactions and draw the right conclusions.

6. Affiliate Programs

Cryptocurrency gives users the opportunity to earn passive money. The affiliate program is one of them. Most platforms use this service to attract many users to their business. The essence of the program is that the person who brought a new participant will constantly receive a certain percentage of his income from the company.
The affiliate program is easy to join. Once you sign up, you'll get a link. You can distribute it on various services on the Internet: websites, forums, blogs. After registering a new participant through the link, you will begin to receive money from each of his successful transaction.

7. NFT

If you are going a new way to make money with cryptocurrency in 2022, recommend you to pay attention this platform. Before we start talking about this method, let's deal with the abbreviation NFT. It is a nonfungible token. In other words, NFT are unique, one-of-a-kind works of art or collectibles.NFTBy the way, many artists have already taken advantage of this program and managed to sell their works at high prices. Investors wouldn't mind taking possession of some of them to sell profitably.We will tell you what a new participant needs to do starting on this service:
  • choose a market for buying NFT and an e-wallet;
  • select an item and download;
  • follow the instructions on how to make it an NFT;
  • select the type of currency;
  • wait for the buyer or monitor the progress of the auction.
This type of trade has its own characteristics. The user does not know what the value of the thing will be and after what period of time it can be sold.

8. Cloud mining

Nowadays it is not easy for a user to purchase equipment, build a farm and start making effective money on cryptocurrency. But one can earn on rented equipment. This method is called cloud mining. You can get a percentage of the transactions in it.Cloud miningCloud mining has advantages:
  • there is no need to buy equipment;
  • miners can purchase contracts depending on their validity value;
  • maintenance, repair of hardware software is carried out by the pool;
  • no need to look for a place for the farm;
  • round-the-clock currency mining.
There are also disadvantages associated with fraud, the high cost of contracts, the inability to rebuild equipment in their own way.

The best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022

The exact number of cryptocurrencies can’t be counted. They appear and disappear. Several coins take firm positions, others are thrown down and up. The first electronic coin in the world called Bitcoin was and remains the best money making crypto. Consider the rating of the top 5 cryptocurrencies for October 2022 by capitalization.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC)Over the years, this coin has become the benchmark of electronic money. All other currencies received the common name Altcoins. On rare occasions, Bitcoin has ceded the palm of rivalry to its closest pursuer, Ethereum. Now the price of the best currency is 19,531 dollars. Just imagine that six months ago it cost only $500.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

EthereumThis crypto and the blockchain platform are adored by software developers who can create their own coins here. Although Ethereum lags far behind Bitcoin in price, it goes far ahead of its closest competitors. Appearing later than many currencies, Ethereum quickly rose thanks to unique technologies. By the beginning of October, the coin was worth 1 388 dollars.

 3. Binance Coin (BNB)

The coin remained cheap for a long time until it soared sharply in 2021. The price of the asset rose from $38 in early January to $683 in May.BNBAs the native currency of the world's largest exchange, the BNB is considered one of the reliable options for investment. But it's not that simple. Despite the functionality and success, the coin remains volatile. For example, in June, BNB missed 7.3% of the cost.

4. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano's network is not as extensive as that of major services. But this attracts investors. It takes less energy and time to complete transactions. Experts consider Cardano one of the best crypto to make money fast.
The service is constantly expanding its functions. So in 2021, two hard forks were launched, which made it possible to deploy a smart contract and improve scalability. In addition, Cardano launched the AdaSwap platform to create decentralized financial applications. This should increase the status of the coin and its value.
In terms of attractiveness for investors, Cardano is not able to compete with the best services. But it does not stand still and is in the process of development.

5. Polygon (MATIC)

This service is designed to scale the Ethereum platform. The polygon solves the tasks of the second level, speeding up transactions and checks. It is supported by the Binance and Coinbase exchanges. The MATIC Polygon token is used in them to solve several problems:
  • implementation of transaction fees;
  • provision of payment services;
  • implementation of currency settlements.
In the middle of the summer of 2022, Polygon announced the launch of the Polygon zkEVM service. This zoom tool works with all known smart contracts and wallets.At the end of 2021, Polygon announced the removal of vulnerable threats worth $20 million. But before that, fraudsters managed to steal tokens for $1.4 million from the service.In order for users to get a complete picture of the best crypto to make money, we will show a table of the main indicators of the top five for October 4, 2022.
Bitcoin$20,181.63$386.13 billion
Ethereum$1,357.88$166.43 billion
Binance Coin$296.42$47.80 billion
Cardano$0.4344$14.86 billion
Polygon$0.8378$7.35 billion

How much you can earn on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogcoin

The most popular cryptocurrencies are still Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Mining remains the main type of earnings on the exchanges. Other types of obtaining money do not bring large incomes.
  • Recently, Ethereum has been ahead of the world's main currency. The general drop in cryptocurrency rates led to a decrease from $ 25-30 per day a month ago to $ 5.6 per day generated by the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card.
  • Bitcoin is a volatile cryptocurrency. You can either win big or lose. To achieve good results on Bitcoin, you need high-power hardware. If you earn $100 on a 1 TH/s machine, a power of 10 TH/s can give you $1,000.
  • Dogecoin was not a success at first. But in May 2021, the price of the coin increased 8,500 times, amounting to 0.74 dollars. If you had invested $1,000 in it at the beginning of the year, you would have received $85,000 by May. At this time, well-known investors, including Elon Musk, invested in it. But the currency quickly lost weight by May 17. It was already worth only $ 0.21. Experts do not portend the success of Dogecoin.

Tips for investors

Working in cryptocurrency services is exciting, but it often brings disappointments. You need to be prepared for this. The most important advice is: don’t invest the last money in cryptocurrency, especially don’t take loans for this and don’t get into debt. You should use in this area money, which is not critical for you and your loved ones.When choosing cryptocurrencies for investment, pay attention to the following points:
  • the age of the service;
  • the work of the exchange in recent years;
  • speed of transactions;
  • security for investments;
  • functions of the exchange.
If you are going to receive instant benefits from cryptocurrency, you need to constantly be aware of the changes taking place with it. This will make it possible to make quick decisions regarding the sale, purchase or exchange of coins. You can remain calm if you make a long-term investment. In this case you make changes to the portfolio as needed.
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