Free cryptocurrency mining: Freebitcoin

Free cryptocurrency mining: Freebitcoin

Lia Jonon
Lia Jonon
Most people today have heard about cryptocurrency and mining. It’s such a way of extracting cryptocurrency utilizing the power of a computing machine or machines. In more complex terms – a creation of another structural unit or block in the blockchain for cryptocurrency platforms to work. Further, we will take a closer look at the options of getting started as a freebitcoin miner.

Cryptomining explained

How to mine cryptocurrency for free? There’s various software that lets anyone earn extra income without the need of investment at the start. It is possible to disconnect from the freebitcoin miner or platform at any time without any financial losses. There are no obligations to the provider.freebitcoin minerThe popularity of free crypto mining is growing by the hour. Now mining dollar free is available to almost everyone. The emergence of such virtual means of payment dates back to 2009 when it was created by Japanese programmer Satoshi Nakamoto and a group of people sharing his ideas. Among all other options, free satoshi mining online is certainly considered to be one of the most popular ways to earn extra income "out of thin air".
So, how do you mine bitcoins for free? Everyone who has ever thought about getting passive income with minimum expenses and wanted to become a freebitcoin miner is asking this question.

Freebitcoin miner: can I mine bitcoins for free

Cloud alternative to traditional mining is also available to the public. The overall layout is based on mining cryptocurrency by means of computing capacity, the acquisition of which is often expensive. Therefore, it is leased by mining providers. The method implies renting the computational performance of the equipment required to mine the cryptocurrencies from a third-party company that specializes in this kind of activity. It is called cloud mining.Mining sites on the other hand are inferior to cloud mining in terms of profitability but help to get acquainted with crypto mining. It is important to note that browser-based mining will be of interest to newcomers. Browser platforms use the software on a website and the resources of a CPU.Freebitcoin minerNovice users choose browsers due to the simplicity of usage plus the low entry threshold. No special hardware or installation of any software is required. One just needs to open a website and then start the mining procedure. Such services may require registering first. The lawfulness of cryptocurrencies, specifically BTC, varies greatly from nation to nation. For instance, somewhere it is legally allowed though in some countries prohibited. Nevertheless, the tendency is that countries keep officially allowing operations with cryptocurrencies. Certain nations recognize BTC as currency, while others consider it a lawful tender subject to a purchase tax. Although, some countries prohibit Bitcoin transactions in banks yet allow for individuals.

Tax implications

The regulation of cryptocurrency transactions is the set of taxes in a concrete jurisdiction, which are levied on numerous transactions conducted by legal entities and individuals involving the usage of digital currencies.
The regulatory treatment of cryptocurrencies and transactions is treated in a particular way in each country. Different countries view it as a medium of trade or, broadly speaking, as an exchange medium. The absence of official clarity in the field regarding the overall legal status of cryptocurrency has led to extensive debates on topics more specific to the need for licensing of currency exchange transactions, taxation, and so on.

Who can mine

Today becoming a freebitcoin miner is easy. Any person, who understands this topic sufficiently, and possesses all the necessary hardware and accesses can start mining bitcoins for free. It takes a great deal of preparation for this activity.Who can mineBefore mining dollar free, it is imperative to ascertain all tax implications of owning a cryptocurrency as well as make absolutely sure that mining is legal in your country.

Necessities to mine bitcoins professionally

To find out how to mine cryptocurrency for free, first, we need to check if we possess the equipment we require. Firstly, install a cryptocurrency farm. However, that is not mandatory, since technically it is possible to mine cryptocurrencies on any device capable of performing calculations.For free crypto mining no deposit you’ll only need special free software on your PC. Among them, there are some of the most suitable and tested options. Further, we will get a detailed look at such choices.
Earlier in the article, we also mentioned free online cryptocurrency mining, which requires only a visit to special sites for mining, which also does not require special equipment, but the yield when using browser-based mining is lower.

Methods of mining cryptocurrencies

If you are looking from a technical point of view, mining can be divided into three types:
  1. Mining coins using GPU;
  2. CPU (processor) mining;
  3. ASIC mining.
mining cryptocurrenciesDepending on the method, mining is divided into three types:
  1. Individual, or solo. Independent mining on equipment, without joining pools;
  2. Collective mining in pools. It is a server that combines the computing capacity of multiple miners;
  3. Cloud mining. Whereas the previous two methods involve the utilization of personal equipment, in the cloud, you rent computing power from a service that mines independently on an industrial scale. This approach will help you become bitminer free.

How to start

Starting mining bitcoins for free is as easy as it gets. The information below is a walkthrough of how to do it:

1. Set up a wallet

Many wallet apps from a variety of brands with a range of features are available on the app market. According to your plans for using your bitcoins, however, one may be motivated to use different types of wallets:
  • Software wallets
  • Hardware wallets
  • Web wallets in other words are cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Paper wallets

2. Download free bitcoin mining software

Technically, the mining process is simple – you install a specialized application and perform basic configuration, then everything happens automatically. Although, not every program is suitable for BTC-free mining. Such applications are designed for specific operating systems; they have hardware requirements.

3. Join the mining pool

The rapid growth of the number of people and entities engaged in mining has led to the fact that single mining even with the use of powerful GPUs and special ASIC processors is gradually becoming less effective. As a result, there appeared special associations of miners, which were called pools.Join the mining poolA mining pool today refers to a special server that is used to distribute tasks of mining bitcoins or other types of digital coins among pool members. Obviously, the greater their number, the higher the efficiency of the tasks to be solved and, as a consequence, the chance to earn a good income.

How long it takes to mine one bitcoin

The probability of extracting 1 bitcoin by yourself is tiny. It is only possible in a pool. No one can give an exact answer to that question. Equipment capacity is the key in that matter.
The network is changing unpredictably, slowly but steadily growing. Thus, planning a major financial investment in cryptocurrency mining, serious math will have to be done.

Bitcoin mining software

Miner tools are installed on PCs to perform the work resulting in the production of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Multiple PCs are combined into pools for convenient collaborative mining. Currencies may be mined on the basis:
  • Processor;
  • Graphics card;
  • Cloud services.
Constant monitoring by an owner of a computer or a system is not demanded by mining.Miner software for bitcoin extraction accomplishes:
  • Monitoring I/O transactions across particular hardware and the Bitcoin network.
  • Showing stats like mining speed, hash rate, temperature, and fan speed.

Freebitcoin mining software

Bitcoin is a digital currency pioneered in 2008 by a certain programmer nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrency mining software is categorized into miners and platforms. Miners connect to a crypto pool and use your hardware to mine. Platforms are services that automatically interact with miners, and you only choose your terms.Freebitcoin mining softwareTo engage in free satoshi mining install such free software. It is possible to organize mining for free through a number of popular mining platforms and miners. Let's consider the most interesting options.

TOP-20 Miners

Awesome Miner

Remotely controlling rigs is a rather critical component of cryptocurrency mining. Awesome Miner is famous for providing a such solution for miners.Awesome MinerPros of Awesome miner:
  • Ability to mine a vast number of cryptocurrencies;
  • Works with processors and GPUs;
  • Automatic market analysis;
  • Instant error notifications;
  • Possibility to record income statistics;
  • Scripting capability;
  • Convenient withdrawal of earned funds;
  • Enhanced security measures.
  • Focused on professionals, not a wide audience;
  • Only Windows OS is supported.


The BeMine project is a cloud mining service. BeMine is a hotel and network of data centers. Advantages of BeMine service:
  • Competitive electricity rates and daily efforts to reduce the cost of providing resources;
  • Income is accrued daily and profits can be quickly and conveniently withdrawn to a credit card or transferred to a crypto wallet;
  • The company provides all necessary legal information and has its own support department, including technical support.
  • Low returns
  • Impossibility to choose a pool
  • High withdrawal fee
  • Slow tech support


BetterHash is a free automatic app that runs on a 64-bit Windows PC.Advantages:
  • Users don't have to do much work themselves;
  • No need to pay a withdrawal or usage fee here. You will only be charged a pool fee, which is about 1%, in addition to network fees.
  • The software is only worth using if the cost of energy is low;
  • Users have little control over what happens in the program.


It is an application that serves as a unique miner for cryptocurrencies.Advantages:
  • Available on ASIC and FPGA machines;
  • Overclocking toolset, which is preferably not to be tampered with by inexperienced users;
  • Several technologies and algorithms are supported.
  • Intended for advanced users;
  • By default, BFGMiner will not mine on any GPUs unless in script mode.


CGMiner is a popular bitcoin mining software for GPUs, ASICs, and FPGAs.Advantages:
  • Designed for Windows 10, Linux, and OSX;
  • GPU overclocking functionality;
  • Adjusts the speed of coolers;
  • NeoScrypt algorithm ensures maximum performance;
  • Possibility to work via the proxy server;
  • No commissions.
CGMinerDisadvantages of CGMiner:
  • Lack of visual interface;
  • Configuring the software is only possible through a command line;
  • Intended for advanced players.

Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner was built on special algorithms and software drivers that enable regular consumers to get hold of cryptocurrencies using a desktop or laptop computer.Advantages:
  • Free of charge;
  • Mines various cryptocurrencies;
  • Friendly interface;
  • ideal for all skill levels;
  • includes built-in GPU overclocking features.
Cudo MinerDisadvantages:
  • no withdrawal of funds;
  • takes a fee from your mining profits;
  • automatic mining charges a fee.


This is probably the most popular bitcoin development software in the world.The advantages of EasyMiner:
  • solo and pooling available;
  • supports all computing type devices;
  • Mining is very easily set;
  • Extended statistics available;
  • Easy to constantly monitor balance.
  • Available only on Windows OS;
  • Some anti-viruses consider this program malicious.


ECOS is a cloud mining service that provides the ability to quickly purchase computing power. You can interact with the resource from a PC or mobile device.Advantages:
  • Reliable company;
  • Large selection of rates;
  • Different payment methods, including bank cards;
  • There are contracts without service fees;
  • Possibility to buy mining equipment or add your own.
  • A referral program is only available after the purchase of the contract;
  • There is no automatic calculation of the profitability of contracts according to the current rate and complexity;
  • You can only mine Bitcoin;
  • Help only in English.


Ethermine is a cryptocurrency mining pool using blockchain infrastructure.Ethermine is one of the most productive mining pools, featuring a user-friendly interface, easy setup, and a high hash rate.Pros of Ethermine's payout system:
  • Anonymous mining, i. e. registration on the pool is not required;
  • Servers in USA, EU, and Asia;
  • Benefits for regular miners;
  • Protection of honest miners from scammers;
  • Transparent and clear system of accrual;
  • Email notification system;
  • Low commission (1%);
  • Third-party applications for iOS, Android, and Telegram.
  • Receiving earnings after some time;
  • Impact of the luck factor.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is a popular cloud mining platform that allows you to mine cryptocurrencies by providing your computing power:
  • The company has a large amount of equipment in different countries around the world;
  • The service offers a choice of contracts for 6 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, and ZCash;
  • The capacity allocation feature allows you to always mine the most profitable coins;
  • Easy payment, many deposit methods;
  • Automatic daily withdrawal;
  • Strong team;
  • Eco-friendliness – data center is powered by geothermal energy;
  • Accepts both cryptocurrency and bank cards for payment;
  • There is a ref system – remuneration is "paid" by additional capacities.
Genesis MiningDisadvantages:
  • The minimum amount of entry into mining is higher than that of competitors;
  • The cost of contracts is higher than the cost of ASICs if you buy them yourself;
  • Contract duration is limited;
  • Little flexibility in settings. Essentially, you can only choose capacity allocation and nothing else.


Gminer supports a huge number of algorithms, and thus cryptocurrencies.Features of Gminer:
  • It can limit the activity of the GPU, which will reduce power consumption and increase the lifetime of equipment;
  • Commission starts at only 0.65%;
  • Automatically puts video adapters out of operation when the specified temperature threshold is exceeded;
  • Automatically restarts itself when an error occurs if the -watchdog command is activated;
  • Reconnects to the pool independently;
  • Supports secured connection;
  • Works with Nvidia, also with AMD graphics cards.
  • No fine-tuning of the video card overclocking.


Hashing24 is a platform that provides cloud services based on the power of mining giant Bitfury. It has been working on the BTC cloud mining market for more than 10 years, and the number of registered users has already exceeded 200 thousand.Advantages:
  • Logical interface;
  • Free demo contract;
  • Capacity market ("exchange hall");
  • High security and long working time;
  • Different methods of payment.
  • You can only mine bitcoin;
  • Verification is usually needed to pay with real money;
  • Withdrawal of funds is not instant, but the next day after creating a request.

Hive OS

Hive OS is a versatile, secure, and stable platform for mining cryptocurrencies. It is based on the Linux distribution Ubuntu.Pros:
  • Dozens of opportunities for mining, compared to conventional operating systems;
  • Detailed statistics;
  • Many professional settings;
  • Minimum payment – starting from zero;
  • Can be used for dual mining;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Easy to download and install with a flash drive.
Hive OSCons:
  • Errors in the mobile app;
  • Too many settings can be confusing for a newbie;
  • There is an extensive help system, but many articles need to be updated.


Kryptex is a program that uses your computer's processing power to generate cryptocurrency.Benefits:
  • It is enough to register and install the program on your PC;
  • Detailed statistics in your personal account: temperature, kWh consumption, and others;
  • Informing the miner about the problems;
KryptexDisadvantages of Kryptex:
  • Low earnings, even with relatively powerful equipment;
  • To reach a stable profit, it is necessary to put a lot of work into overclocking and to correctly configure the system;
  • You won't get much from an ordinary home computer.


MultiMiner is a widely appreciated bitcoin mining system. The application is a desktop solution supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux.Advantages:
  • It's free;
  • Convenient and simple interface;
  • Ability to use different mining strategies;
  • Integration with online platforms;
  • The ability to manage multiple devices simultaneously;
  • Ability to mine almost any coins;
  • The function of profit forecasting;
  • For beginners and experienced miners.
  • Antivirus may treat the product as malicious.


NiceHash is considered the world's leading marketplace including an extensive ecosystem of financial technology services. You provide your processing power to the server and get rewards in Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, or ZEC in return.Advantages:
  • The service supports nVidia, AMD, and CPUs;
  • This option will suit you if you have never done cryptocurrency mining;
  • You don't need to set up the program, you just need to specify the equipment you will give to the server and choose the coin you will receive the reward in;
  • The advantage of Nicehash is 100% transparency. You can find out everything about your hardware and its performance at any time via the My Account on the website;
  • Your earnings are displayed in real-time and are automatically withdrawn to your internal or external wallet once a day or once a week.
  • Not recommended for storing cryptocurrency


Pionex is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a set of free trading bots:
  • The service has pre-built trading algorithms. It is also possible to set up your own;
  • Available in the web interface and mobile application;
  • The Pionex platform is available in 15 languages;
  • With automatic and manual modes, it is suitable for both experienced and novice traders.
  • Unknown what type of encryption Pionex uses to prevent data hacking
  • Impossibility to add funds to your Pionex account via a bank card


Shamining cloud mining service is a project that aims to make mining accessible and understandable to everyone.Advantages:
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Transparent fees;
  • The minimum contract amount is only $50;
  • You don't need to install any additional apps;
  • The company's optimized data centers can offer investors yields from 143%;
  • Investors can negotiate capacity leases on individual terms by contacting the project manager;
  • Highly qualified support service.
SHAMININGThe only disadvantage of the service is that it only works with Bitcoin.


Crypto exchange StormGain is a cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform.StormGain has launched a cloud mining service. This unique and innovative feature allows users to mine their own cryptocurrency right from their phones.Benefits:
  • All major types are traded on the exchange;
  • The platform provides the user with a cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Easy verification, intuitive interface;
  • Higher level of security and confidentiality of data;
  • There are opportunities for passive income (deposit and mining);
  • No trading commissions, only fees from profits on successful trades;
  • The localization of the site in the world's major languages.
  • No tools for fiat money on the crypto exchange;
  • No hot method to store cryptocurrencies.

Is it possible to mine bitcoins for free on a smartphone?

In theory, mining bitcoins on your Android or iOS phone is possible with the help of special soft that can be installed from Google Play or App Store. In reality, bitcoin mining on Android or iOS is impossible. This is due to the high power of the cryptocurrency payment network.
There are services that mine crypto using not the resources of the phone, but the capabilities of cloud mining – remote servers. Developers promise that the phone will not get too hot, plus such applications can work in the background without interfering with the use of the device.

How to choose the best bitcoin mining soft

Of course, there are many options and factors to consider when choosing the best mining soft. It's important to consider the type of OS you're running (Windows 10 is super different from Mac OS), your level of computer knowledge, and whether you only want to mine BTC.Some Bitcoin mining software allows you to switch equipment between multiple coins, and some even allow you to mine two cryptocurrencies simultaneously.The choice of miner software will be greatly impacted by what you want to achieve.

Is it worth mining cryptocurrencies?

In the last five years, more and more people are thinking about mining cryptocurrencies. It has become more accessible and understandable. This used to be profitable before and is profitable now.
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